the essence of pure natural wine infused with wild botanicals. the fullness of a summer moon kissed by the garden soil, grown lovingly by small family farms.



botanical elixir
  • Elderflower Bubbles
  • Lavender Red
  • Dandelion White
  • Rose Blossom Bubbles
mindfully low alcohol,
exceptionally high vibe
  • Dandelion White

  • Lavender Red

  • Elderflower Bubbles

  • Rose Blossom Bubbles

  • plant-based infusions

    the garden

    Pure Natural Wine sourced from small family farms, lovingly infused with herbs, flowers, and botanicals for your health & pleasure.

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    Poolside afternoons, late night conversation, a bubbly brunch - bolixir is crafted for abundant enjoyment.

    no regrets

    We carefully source all of our wine & botanical ingredients with integrity to craft this rare elixir

    • Healthful &
      Functional Botanicals
    • Organic & Biodynamic
    • Mindfully Low Alcohol 6-9% ABV
    • Lab Tested for Purity
    • Sugar Free less than 1g/L
    • No Industrial
    • Vegan
    • Keto & Paleo Friendly

    rooted in the garden

    reaching to the cosmos

    bolixir bows to the mystical powers of wild botanicals like nettle, lavender, elderflower, and rose.

    Uniquely blended with pure natural wine for a drink that defies category.
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