sip yourself free

the magic of bolixir

from soil to sip

grown by
small family farms

Each bolixir infusion starts with organic grapes & pure natural
wine grown by small family farms.


Julie-Ann Hoch, Austria

The woman who started it all! One hot summer day natural wine grower Julie-Ann Hoch took a sip of cold nettle tea and had an idea - what would happen if she combined her love of herbal tea & pure natural wine?

From the first sip of her elderflower-infused sparkling wine - we were hooked. bolixir was born.

blended with wild botanicals,
for plant-powered benefits

bolixir bows to the medicinal traditions and mystical power of wild botanicals like Nettle, Lavender, Rose, Elderflower, and Dandelion, uniquely blended with pure Natural Wine for a drink that defies category - just enough buzz, full of plant-powered benefits.

certified by
Dry Farm Wines

bolixir is sourced & tested according to the same uncompromising criteria of farming and purity as Dry Farm Wines. We vet every grower, taste every product, and ensure every wine we use is lab tested through an independent enologist.

  • Healthful &
    Functional Botanicals
  • Organic & Biodynamic
  • Mindfully Low Alcohol 6-9% ABV
  • Lab Tested for Purity
  • Sugar Free less than 1g/L
  • No Industrial
  • Vegan
  • Keto & Paleo Friendly

our family

bolixir is the flower-child of Dry Farm Wines, the world’s premier Natural Wine company. Dry Farm Wines has been curating the highest quality Natural Wines from small family growers around the world since 2016.


Our mission is to share extraordinary Natural Wines and Botanical Infusions, connecting you with authenticy, vitality, & love.

We work exclusively with small family farms who share our respect for Nature’s beauty, complexity, and diversity. We believe we must be the change we want to see in the world - what you sip matters.

who we are

We’re a community of creatives and artists, dreamers and doers, mystics and makers. We aspire to spread Nature’s beauty & abundance through all of our inspired products.

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